Travel Abroad For Shopping of Furniture: Is It Worth It? 

hotel furniture import from china

China, Italy and Turkey are the top 3 destinations for importing furniture to India. But is it all worth it? Why shop from abroad and if you do, is it really necessary to travel abroad for your shopping? 

The simplest logic that speaks in favour of importing furniture from abroad is the cost and variety. 

All 3 of these countries – China, Turkey & Italy are major hubs for furniture manufacturing and supply. These countries have thousands of furniture manufacturers dealing in high-end furniture with catalogues you’ll swoon over. The kind of quality and innovation you’ll find in furniture from these three countries is hard to match. 

If that’s not big enough of a reason, it’s also the fact that they provide much cheaper options for buying luxury furniture in India. 

On top of this, it’s also actually very easy to travel to any of these 3 countries and do your shopping by yourself. Yes, you could look for manufacturers online and maybe, even select your furniture online but without making a personal visit, you cannot know how exactly your furniture will end up looking.

When you’re importing your furniture yourself, with the help of Mystical Dimensions services, you can easily handle the product specifications and communicate those to the manufacturer. You can also visit the top selected manufacturers and suppliers, and with help of our personal as well as local language assistance, you can easily handpick your desired furniture at the source country. We, then, help you with the quality check as well as forwarding and delivery, making the entire process seamless for you. 

So, let’s recap why travelling abroad for shopping for furniture makes total sense!

  1. You can shop from one of the top 3 countries that offer the best high-end & innovative furniture at the best prices.
  2. You can personally see the furniture yourself and make your selections.
  3. With language assistance, quality check at the source country and forwarding & delivery, the process is even easier. 

But, what about the shipping costs? Big items like furniture can be expensive to ship. After Covid, things have gotten even more expensive. However, the good news is most restrictions are being lifted and comparatively, you’ll still save on the high-end furniture you’ll import to India.

Things like import taxes can be managed once you have got a complete understanding of how different types of import taxes and duties work. Once you’ve proper calculations in hand, you can manage your expectations better. 

Is it worth it?

Coming back to the main question if it’s worth travelling abroad for buying furniture, the answer would be yes.

Importing furniture from abroad to India can be a cumbersome process and is a big no for an individual importer because of the lack of logistics, lack of trade partnerships with vendors, lack of experience in the industry and language barriers hampering proper communication for a smooth process. However, if you’re hiring services of expert shippers like Mystical Dimensions that have experience in the import business for 20+ years, it’s actually a great idea to import furniture to India. 

If you’re ready to explore this further, connect with us today!

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