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A Glimpse At Our Residential Furniture Catalogue

Here’s just a tiny glimpse of furniture options available for importing residential furniture from China, Italy & Turkey. Contact us today to see the complete furniture catalogue and to avail our services.

How It Works


Discovery Call

Whether you’re an interior designer importing for your client or a homeowner willing to import designer furniture, Mystical Dimensions can help you out. Our process begins with a discovery call to understand your requirements and then we introduce you to how our services work.


We partner with you as you travel to the source location and visit various manufacturers and suppliers to find the furniture that fits your taste and décor style. In all three countries, we also have a local language assistant to further facilitate the process.


We have a team of in-house architects and designers for sizing at your site to avoid surprises later on.

Forwarding & Delivery

If you opt for any customisation to the furniture, our team performs a quality check at the source site. We also warehouse the furniture in the source country until everything is ready to be shipped together. We can also do the installation, on request.

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To find out more about our services & how it works, connect with us today!

    Mystical dimensions

    About Us

    Mystical Dimensions are a team of expert industry professionals dedicated to helping real estate developers, builders, interior designers, architects and homeowners in the process of importing furniture from Turkey, China or Italy.

    With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we are uniquely qualified to attend to your requirements during the process of buying and importing furniture from a foreign country.

    To know more about what we do and how we do it, talk to us today!

    Our Blog

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    Who Is Responsible For Quality Check For Importing Furniture?

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    5 Biggest Challenges To Importing Furniture To India

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    Import Residential Furniture

    You’re ready to furnish this beautiful home that has existed only in your imagination (and some drawings, maybe) up until now. You want high-end designer furniture that fits in perfectly with your chosen home décor theme. Quality and craftsmanship must not be compromised. You also want all of this at a great price – the best worth for your money spent. Is it all possible?

    It is, with the services of Mystical Dimensions. We help you throughout the process of buying and importing residential furniture to India. We go along with
    you to the source country, introduce you to selected and the some of the best suppliers and manufacturers, help you experience the furniture yourself and then
    get it for that house that may soon become a luxury home that homeowners and all guests that visit are going to love.

    Our services are catered to making this process smoother for any buyer –  whether they’re an individual or a team of architects or interior designers. To
    know more about this, connect with us today!

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