Who Is Responsible For Quality Check For Importing Furniture?

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While importing furniture from China, Turkey, & Italy is a lucrative option for many homeowners in India and industry professionals like architects, interior designers & real estate developers, it may also be daunting especially due to the quality check requirements. A proper quality check is crucial in the furniture import process. 

Different Types of Furniture Defects 

As we’re talking about the quality check of the furniture, let us first introduce you to the three main types of furniture defects. 

  1. Minor defects – It refers to any minor inconsistency in the furniture that will not have any impact on the overall operability as well as the aesthetic of the furniture.
  2. Major defects – It refers to a defect that will most likely lead to the failure of the use of the product.
  3. Critical defects – Such defects lead to hazardous conditions and are of the most serious nature. 

A quality check process helps you identify if the manufacturer is shipping high-end quality pieces and not something with any of these defects. 

Quality Management Plan

For any importer, it’s important to have a quality management plan that mainly consists of two things – 

1. Clear specifications to the manufacturer: about the quality you expect. One of the most crucial parts of specifications is the measurements. Unless the manufacturer is told exactly what the dimensions of each piece of furniture need to be along with its shape, smoothness, type of paint etc, you will have trouble with getting furniture according to your requirements. The work on these specifications actually begins at your site in India, where a qualified team of architects and interior designers must take these measurements, to be communicated to the manufacturer. Once you have these, you can go and select furniture pieces and offer information on more detailed specifications of the furniture.

2. Quality inspection at the source country: so you don’t end up with defective furniture. The most important thing is to do more than one inspection of the furniture – before, during and after production. You mustn’t leave it to the manufacturer and have a third party that performs this check on site. 

Who is responsible for this quality management plan? 

If you’re an importer, you will need to be responsible for clear specifications and most likely, need to hire a third party for the final random inspection.

However, if you hire Mystical Dimensions, we step in to help you with the specifications, and clear communication of them to the manufacturer and perform the final random inspection for you before the furniture is shipped from the source country to India. 

A quality inspection checklist may include checks like a functional test, physical requirements, visual inspection of the product, label & manual inspection, check for proper texture, colour and glossiness, and that there aren’t any sharp edges or splinters or any defects – major, minor or critical that will impact your experience with the furniture ordered. 

Connect with us to understand what our complete list of quality checks at the final random inspection includes. 

It’s our services that make the quality check process seamless for you as an importer. When you’re importing furniture, you’re already dealing with a lot of things and Mystical Dimensions helps share the load of handling several things like the site measurements, connecting with trusted manufacturers and suppliers, quality checks before shipping, and forwarding & delivery. If you want to know more about what we do, connect with us today! 

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