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Here are just a couple of pieces available in our catalogue for bar furniture. We have 1000+ designs in various furniture styles as well as for various needs for your bar or restaurant. Contact us today to see the complete catalogue available with us.

How It Works


Discovery Call

Connect with us today to understand how we offer tailored guidance to help you import luxury bar furniture.


We travel with you to the source country, helping you sort through hundreds of suppliers & manufacturers, along with a local language assistant.


Our team of in-house architects and designers take care of the sizing at your site in India to ensure all measurements are precise.

Forwarding & Delivery

We do one last quality check especially for all the customization before products are shipped. Our warehouse in the source country holds the products until all furniture is ready to be shipped together. Once shipped to India, we also offer installation services, on request.

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    Mystical dimensions

    About Us

    Mystical Dimensions was born out of our passion for helping industry professionals acquire luxury imported furniture in a seamless manner.

    For 20 years, we have worked in this industry and gathered the experience to finally be able to help you with our tailored services to import furniture from Turkey, Italy and China.

    To understand more about how importing from these countries works, how to do it right, what steps are involved and how we can help you, connect with us today!

    Our Blog

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    Who Is Responsible For Quality Check For Importing Furniture?

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    Travel Abroad For Shopping of Furniture: Is It Worth It? 

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    5 Biggest Challenges To Importing Furniture To India

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    Import Bar Furniture From China, Italy and Turkey

    Importing furniture can be stressful. Trying to decide from the hundreds of manufacturers and suppliers available, understanding how measurements and dimensions work in various countries and with various suppliers and manufacturers, getting over the language barrier, finalising your selection and handling the quality check after customisations are done along with managing the forwarding and delivery –  all of it can be extremely daunting. Right? No, if you work with Mystical Dimensions, all of this can be easily managed with our services and assistance with you.

    If you’re ready to import bar furniture, or furniture for hotels, restaurants, pubs or cafés, connect with us today!

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