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Who Is Responsible For Quality Check For Importing Furniture?

While importing furniture from China, Turkey, & Italy is a lucrative option for many homeowners in India and industry professionals like architects, interior designers & real estate developers, it may also be daunting especially due to the quality check requirements. A proper quality check is crucial in the furniture import process. 

Different Types of Furniture Defects 

As we’re talking about the quality check of the furniture, let us first introduce you to the three main types of furniture defects. 

  1. Minor defects - It refers to any minor inconsistency in the furniture that will not have any impact on the overall operability as well as the aesthetic of the furniture.
  2. Major defects - It refers to a defect that will most likely lead to the failure of the use of the product.
  3. Critical defects - Such defects lead to hazardous conditions and are of the most serious nature. 

A quality check process helps you identify if the manufacturer is shipping high-end quality pieces and not something with any of these defects. 

Quality Management Plan

For any importer, it’s important to have a quality management plan that mainly consists of two things - 

1. Clear specifications to the manufacturer: about the quality you expect. One of the most crucial parts of specifications is the measurements. Unless the manufacturer is told exactly what the dimensions of each piece of furniture need to be along with its shape, smoothness, type of paint etc, you will have trouble with getting furniture according to your requirements. The work on these specifications actually begins at your site in India, where a qualified team of architects and interior designers must take these measurements, to be communicated to the manufacturer. Once you have these, you can go and select furniture pieces and offer information on more detailed specifications of the furniture.

2. Quality inspection at the source country: so you don’t end up with defective furniture. The most important thing is to do more than one inspection of the furniture - before, during and after production. You mustn’t leave it to the manufacturer and have a third party that performs this check on site. 

Who is responsible for this quality management plan? 

If you’re an importer, you will need to be responsible for clear specifications and most likely, need to hire a third party for the final random inspection.

However, if you hire Mystical Dimensions, we step in to help you with the specifications, and clear communication of them to the manufacturer and perform the final random inspection for you before the furniture is shipped from the source country to India. 

A quality inspection checklist may include checks like a functional test, physical requirements, visual inspection of the product, label & manual inspection, check for proper texture, colour and glossiness, and that there aren’t any sharp edges or splinters or any defects - major, minor or critical that will impact your experience with the furniture ordered. 

Connect with us to understand what our complete list of quality checks at the final random inspection includes. 

It’s our services that make the quality check process seamless for you as an importer. When you’re importing furniture, you’re already dealing with a lot of things and Mystical Dimensions helps share the load of handling several things like the site measurements, connecting with trusted manufacturers and suppliers, quality checks before shipping, and forwarding & delivery. If you want to know more about what we do, connect with us today! 

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Travel Abroad For Shopping of Furniture: Is It Worth It? 

China, Italy and Turkey are the top 3 destinations for importing furniture to India. But is it all worth it? Why shop from abroad and if you do, is it really necessary to travel abroad for your shopping? 

The simplest logic that speaks in favour of importing furniture from abroad is the cost and variety. 

All 3 of these countries - China, Turkey & Italy are major hubs for furniture manufacturing and supply. These countries have thousands of furniture manufacturers dealing in high-end furniture with catalogues you’ll swoon over. The kind of quality and innovation you’ll find in furniture from these three countries is hard to match. 

If that’s not big enough of a reason, it’s also the fact that they provide much cheaper options for buying luxury furniture in India. 

On top of this, it’s also actually very easy to travel to any of these 3 countries and do your shopping by yourself. Yes, you could look for manufacturers online and maybe, even select your furniture online but without making a personal visit, you cannot know how exactly your furniture will end up looking.

When you’re importing your furniture yourself, with the help of Mystical Dimensions services, you can easily handle the product specifications and communicate those to the manufacturer. You can also visit the top selected manufacturers and suppliers, and with help of our personal as well as local language assistance, you can easily handpick your desired furniture at the source country. We, then, help you with the quality check as well as forwarding and delivery, making the entire process seamless for you. 

So, let’s recap why travelling abroad for shopping for furniture makes total sense!

  1. You can shop from one of the top 3 countries that offer the best high-end & innovative furniture at the best prices.
  2. You can personally see the furniture yourself and make your selections.
  3. With language assistance, quality check at the source country and forwarding & delivery, the process is even easier. 

But, what about the shipping costs? Big items like furniture can be expensive to ship. After Covid, things have gotten even more expensive. However, the good news is most restrictions are being lifted and comparatively, you’ll still save on the high-end furniture you’ll import to India.

Things like import taxes can be managed once you have got a complete understanding of how different types of import taxes and duties work. Once you’ve proper calculations in hand, you can manage your expectations better. 

Is it worth it?

Coming back to the main question if it’s worth travelling abroad for buying furniture, the answer would be yes.

Importing furniture from abroad to India can be a cumbersome process and is a big no for an individual importer because of the lack of logistics, lack of trade partnerships with vendors, lack of experience in the industry and language barriers hampering proper communication for a smooth process. However, if you’re hiring services of expert shippers like Mystical Dimensions that have experience in the import business for 20+ years, it’s actually a great idea to import furniture to India. 

If you're ready to explore this further, connect with us today!

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5 Biggest Challenges To Importing Furniture To India

Are you looking to import furniture to India? While countries like China, Italy and Turkey are top destinations to import luxury furniture from, it’s a long and complex process. 

In this post, we discuss the top challenges you face when importing furniture to India.

1. Sourcing

China alone has more than 5000 manufacturers. Thousands of furniture suppliers and manufacturers claim to be the best but the sad reality is many of them are not what they seem through carefully crafted furniture catalogue images and content on their websites. 

How do you know which manufacturers to trust? How do you identify the best suppliers with a legitimate business dedicated to providing you with the best materials? 

That’s the number 1 problem most industry professionals face when trying to import furniture to India. The good news is it can be easily handled by hiring our services. At Mystical Dimensions, we are dedicated to helping you source and ship furniture to India. 

2. Pricing

One of the most inconvenient tasks in importing furniture is negotiation. The language barrier makes it impossible for you to exercise your excellent negotiation skills honed over years. 

Not only this, but it’s also crucial to clearly communicate about design elements and customisations required else it could lead to costly and unpleasant mistakes.

3. Sizing

Many times, the measurements done on site aren’t communicated correctly to the supplier. With customisations, it becomes even more complicated to be precise with measurements as well as communication of these to the furniture manufacturer or supplier.

The result is often a huge inconvenience. Furniture pieces that arrive at your site don’t fit the space and need further modifications or worse, cannot be used at all. 

4. Quality Control 

Let’s say, you went to the country you wanted to get furniture from. You were able to identify the right manufacturers and even negotiate the pricing to fit your budget. With years of experience and a team of architects and interior design experts at this, you were also able to overcome the challenge of sizing. 

Are you tired already? The process of importing furniture doesn’t end yet. 

A huge challenge awaits as the furniture you order requires a last quality check on site before it gets shipped to India. This is important because if anything is amiss and isn’t caught at this stage, it will lead to a huge problem and a very stressful situation. 

5. Forwarding & Delivery

You cannot expect every single piece of furniture to be ready at once. This creates a unique problem when you import furniture to India. Most of you may not even want pieces to be delivered yet as the site may not be ready or you just understand the convenience of getting all your furniture together.

However, this becomes a challenge if you’re sourcing the furniture by yourself.

The good news is Mystical Dimensions specialises in helping you overcome all these challenges. 

  1. We help you source your desired furniture from China, Italy and Turkey. We accompany you in your travel, introducing you to the best manufacturers and helping you navigate the tricks of this trade.
  2. We also provide a local language assistant to make negotiation and communication easy. 
  3. Our team of experts helps you with sizing and measurements at your site and delivers this information correctly to the furniture manufacturer of your choice.
  4. We do a last quality check in the source country to ensure everything is good to go. 
  5. We also offer warehousing support in the source country so all furniture can be shipped at once. 

Just like most things in life, many big challenges have a simple solution. Sourcing furniture from overseas does come with precarious challenges but most can be resolved easily with our services. To know more about what Mystical Dimensions do, connect with us today!

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